Business Community to Present White Book

 Business leaders will convene to unveil their recommendations to global leaders with regard to key economic challenges.

The paper, of which the draft version was called the Green Book, has now been updated to reflect the outcome of the open discussions during the B20 Summit housed in the St Petersburg International Economic Forum last June and extended well beyond that event.

“It is our task now to convince our G20 colleagues of the pressing character and feasibility of our recommendations, adopt them as common ground and see to it that the global leaders accept the White Book. The idea is to start implementing the recommendations before Russia’s presidency is out and to secure continuity all the way down the line. Our presidency has been marked by very close partnership with the Australian colleagues, so we hope we’ll keep up the good work and jointly develop a B20 strategy for the future”, said Oleg Preksin, RSPP Executive Vice President and B20 Sherpa with G20.

 B20 will be presenting the White Book to the G20 heads of state and government at the G20 Summit in St Petersburg on September 6.

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Download Book (Pdf, 5.7 Mb)


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